Each month, we can host up to 100 employees in the Hytrol Learning Lab. Students now have the ability to complete classes at their workstation or in the lab. Employees may choose one course from the list and will have one month to complete the assignment. Training is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and once you have completed a course you must sign up at the end of the waiting list to take another.

About the courses

We have twenty courses to choose from, and plan to expand on this list in the future. Several of the courses consist of two or more parts. You will be assigned one part to complete during the month in which you enrolled. Subsequent parts can be registered for/assigned to later. (For example, if you choose AutoCAD, you will be assigned to Part 1 for one month and will then be eligible to register for Part 2 the following month.)

Please click the course name for a pop-up window featuring a brief description. If you have any questions, contact jlong@hytrol.com.